Monday, December 8, 2008

Finally, Into the Shadowfell

After a lengthy detour in Winterhaven, now somehow restored, our hardy band of adventurer's have descended into the depths of the Shadowfell dungeons. A brief encouter with some goblins and a nasty pit full of rats, the group headed to the old underground cistern. Now long abandoned and filed with brackish water, a giant Blue Slime rose from the depths and almost did Narumata in. But quick thinking on the part of his compatriots restored him to life, and still the battle with the slime rages on.

The curiosity of Winterhaven restored to life was unsolved by a long talk with Valthrun the Keep's resident Wizard. Although he did mention having a dream of Winterhaven attacked and destroyed by winged black creatures. A dream that was echoed by another visionary farmer in the town's tavern. The stay in Winterhaven had been complicated by the brash actions of Kheldar and Dracon who attacked the stablemaster in the confused bargaining for a horse. Fortunately he was just knocked unconscious and not killed. The Lord of the keep was kind and let them off with a fine and a promise to help in investigating the Shadowfell ruins.

The journey to the forests of mist surrounding the keep, rumored to be haunted by a wailing banshee, was simple enough. But once in the forests the legendary fogs and mists of the forests of Shadowfell descended upon our party. Disoriented and unable to see clearly they decided to press on until the ran into Haella herself. Haella is said to the be the spirit of a long ago dead young mother. She had been walking in Forests of Shadowfell long before its master went insane. Unfortunately a band of thieves attacked her, robbed her of her meager possessions and then began to take her back to their lair for more devious plans. But her cries had been heard by Sir Velhaad a knight of the Shadowfell, who was returning from his evening patrols. He followed the cries and soon sighted the thieves carrying their hostage. Instead of risking being caught for kidnapping on top of robbery the thieves chose to slit Haella's throat and dump her in a ravine to hide their treachery and speed their retreat.

Their ploy didn't work however, as Sir Velhaad's mount was renowned for his speed and his uncanny ability to maneuver in the woods. In no time two of the thieves were struck down and then killed in their futile resistance. The other three fled the region, however and were never caught. In the fight they refused all demands by Velhaad to divulge the whereabouts of their hostage. Haella's body was never found, even though Velhaad mounted an extensive search over the next several days. It was on that very night a year later that a banshee was first spotted in the woods near where the thieves were found. Haella is said to not intentionally kill those of good intent, but no one wants to run into her, for all leave damaged from her haunts.