Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life and Gaming

First, this probably won't be of much interest to you. It's more in the classic vein of egocentric blog entries--this is my life kind of thing. Anyway, I haven't died. I have had some health concerns, which they seem to be finally getting on top of. We'll know for sure when I'm off steroids--hopefully before my man-boobs get too big.

But I can't even claim that my health is the main reason I haven't been writing. No, that honor goes to my job--blech. To make a rather long and boring story short, I finally decided to accept the School District's persistent offer to go into administration. I'm now in the classroom half the day and in the office playing Vice Principal half the day. I say half, but that half seems to be a full 72 hours a day. I have turned down these offers for years now. I simply knew I didn't want to to go into administration. I really prefer the classroom and teaching. Not to mention I can run the game club that way. Running the game club and administrating is nowhere near as easy. In fact having a life as an administrator is not easy. Not to mention that I've had to go back to school to finish my Masters and get certified as a principal. But the fact was we (our family) really needed the boost in earnings, so here I am.

My wife and I have homeschooled our children for the last six years. Seems kind of strange, me being in Public Education and all, but my wife and I are very involved in out of the box educational theory. I would love for the public education system to embrace more of these ideas, but that seems impossible in most cases. At any rate My wife and I grew very excited about the possibilities of what we could do with our children's education if we took over. We are both highly educated and capable, so we decided to give it a go. It went great--but I'll admit it is a ton of work, mainly for my wife by the way.

However, as the economy has squeezed us beyond our ability to deal, my wife decided to go to work. She got hired as a local private school teacher and my children enrolled there. And I went into administration in the Public system. We are both less happy with our situations, but the budget is no longer coming up short every month. So there's that.

Fact is I haven't been able to game at all. I barely have time to come home eat and collapse, let alone blog or game. It's been on my mind of course. I've bought some cool stuff recently. Finally got my copy of Lamentations of the Flame Princess along with some old school out of print stuff. But I still haven't read them! Then I got sick, and then there were house remodeling issues that came up in the middle of everything. Whew!

So, the point is--that's why I've been absent from the blog for oh, what? About 15 weeks now. Things have just been getting better lately though. I'm healing up, the kitchen is almost done, and I think I have a little better perspective on this VP thing. Not sure what the future is going to bring. I was given the option of going back to the classroom after this year if this didn't work out--so I'm brainstorming the possibilities there. And the kids at school are chomping at the bit for me to start the game club again. So who knows.

So, I'm more or less back. Maybe I can get an entry a week going again. Sundays seem to be a good day for that. Keep an eye out, I'll be around.