Monday, January 23, 2017

I Feel Like a First Level Magic User

Yeah. Like that guy in the back. AC 10. HP 3. A dagger and one magic missile. And no idea where the hell he's headed.

Magic User is my favorite class. I don't know how that really happened. I started playing Rangers. Loved Rangers. Also played some Fighters, a Thief or two, an Assassin, a couple of Druids, more than my share of Clerics. Never got into multiclassed characters. Tried to play an old school Bard once. Played a few Monks too, but they lived less than my Magic Users ever did. A Cavalier was in there, but he never got played. I'm not sure about Paladins--never could bring myself to put a 17 in Charisma. But Magic Users became my bread and butter. My go-to class. Even sometimes when someone else was playing one, I still wanted to be a Magic User.

In other words ... I am familiar with weakness.

We rarely played PCs to beyond 9th level--they just never got there; so most of my Wizards were less than level six. I had one that reached eleventh level.

But this post isn't about magic users. Probably should be. People would likely find it more helpful. No, this is about me feeling totally inadequate, unprepared, vulnerable and well, weak. In the industry that is gaming the last thing we need is another game system. So to answer the question I've been raising for myself--how do I recreate the magic that was AD&D, the first task is to use a ruleset that is clearly AD&D. But, the question, of course, is what the heck is AD&D?

So, What I thought I would do is go through the ruleset piece by piece and pick out only the rules themselves. The basic framework of the system. I will also keep a running log of recommendations in the rules that aren't quite rules, but are strongly stated as assumptions and guidance on how play should be conducted. I cannot guarantee that it will all make it onto the blog here, but some of it certainly will, as already in this process I have had several questions arise as to what and why certain rules are in place. Some are rules that I would tweak in a game/campaign of my own. Others are new revelations for me. Yet others are rules I don't understand or fail to see the reason for. I could use input and feedback on these issues.

So, by way of methodology, this is my plan:
1. Using a simple three column protocol (I will post this example soon)
1.a. Go through the PHB
1.a.1 Record each rule and suggestion
1.a.2 Make notes on rules and suggestions
1.a.3 Open items for discussion via blog or other means
1.b Repeat with other rule books
2. Collate rules
3. Determine if Suggestions should rise to level of rules
4. Resolve notes/discussions into tweaking/rewriting of rules

And we'll see how it goes. As it is now, I'm about a fourth of the way through the PHB. Rules discussion to come shortly.