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Golem Death Trap Room -- A Playtest

The party had explored the entire upper level of the Slaver's Stockade. Things had gotten quite weird the further along they went, with more and more sinister clues that the giants were involved. Nefarious purposes seemed to be coming from multiple directions, but what seemed lacking was any evidence of where the slavers escaped to. Carefully backtracking their path they re-inspected one suspiciously angled hallway and lo and behold a secret door! And behind that secret door a heavy, black, velvet curtain obscured what was beyond. The Ranger sent his magical companion into the room to scout out the environs, and after a tense few minutes the small creature scampered back telling the tale of a strange octagonal room... The party had entered from the lower right hand corner, the door opening inward into the hallway. The room is made of old, heavy stonework. An identical curtain covered the lower left hand corner (a clue that there is a second secret door leading downward into the d…

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