Saturday, June 4, 2011

RPG Club Yahoo Group

As summer sets in and the school club for which I am adviser closes, I begin to think about how to run the club next year and make it more successful. I also am scrambling to know how best to run the summer sessions we have each month at the local hobby shop. I have frequently asked help and advice on one of the several yahoo groups in which I participate, and there are always a few good ideas. But i got to thinking, what about all those other club advisers in schools across the US, the world even? Not to mention community clubs, hobby shop groups and even those long running groups that meet at their GMs house? Wouldn't it be great to access all that expertise for myself and for others trying to keep a group and or club up and running?!

So with that it mind I decided to start a new yahoo group for that very purpose. And I would love for as many to join as possible to pool our knowledge and resources of years of gaming and running or participating in clubs and groups everywhere. So please take the time to stop by and join The RPG Club group at Yahoo. You can access the Yahoo group here:

I'll be emailing at least once a day, so you can expect to receive at least one message, and here's hoping we get even more! Look forward to seeing you there!