Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All Good Things Must Come To An End

It is with not a small amount of sadness that I write this entry. All of the club members that received my encouragement to check the blog and have done so I thank you. That will save you the rude awakening of hearing this news second hand.

The fact is, it is not a vicious rumor: I am retiring as the RPG club advisor. What this likely means for the club is that it will have to shut down.

Now, take a deep breath and I'll try to explain.

First accept my apologies for the club not being able to continue. Several things have required my withdrawal as an active club advisor. First, they simply don't pay teachers enough. I have had to begin training for another job (two actually) in addition to teaching. I can't stay after 3:30 without cutting into my other job time, so I'm only here until 3:30. So I thought about trying to hold club hours between 2:30 and 3:30, but we all know what was wrong with that. So the second reason was we simply don't have enough time during school hours, and I have to go right after school to my other jobs. Third, I have considered trying to find another advisor, but have found no takers. I'm still trying to look.

So it is with heavy heart that I officially draw the VJH RPG Club to a close. I had a few members ask me if it might open again. I'm not really sure--I don't see it happening, unless they drastically raise my salary so I don't have to work three jobs to make a comfortable living. Unless I leave teaching--but that is a moot point.

At any rate thank you for all of your support and the fun times we shared together. You are all a great bunch of gamers and good people.

To Cory & Shawn C. who helped start it all with our first adventure--watch out for piercers.
To Hunter who has been a regular since the first day--Paladins of Kord unite!
To Cody who has added so much skill and expertise--watch out for magic missiles
To Zach who supplied our fire--don't punch anymore innkeepers.
To Shawn K. For being quiet and swinging your sword.
To CJ for hardly ever missing a meeting and not quitting when I killed you unfairly.
To John for all those massive cleaves.
To William for teaching us all to be better people--and to realize anything can make a pet.
To Greg for adding a level of maturity and creativity, not to mention another capable DM.
To Kelson and his well placed arrows--I'll never think of Hwarang Do the same again.
And last, but not least to Lenny for being a kindred spirit and wanting to play Champions so badly.

I will miss our games together and your comradeship. You are all good people. Keep striving forward and upward and whatever you do, keep on gaming.

Also, I will be compiling all of your characters and their info in your folders, which I would like for you to take with you. We won't get a chance to game again and you may someday. Perhaps your hero will get a chance to adventure once again some day.


Mr. Jones