Monday, December 30, 2013

Three Campaigns and a Grown Up Schedule

Yes, I have been gaming. But lots of other stuff too. One of the sad facts of this digital age is that it is so easy to simply drop away into obscurity. This can, of course, be good and bad. But I know from first hand experience it doesn't feel very good when someone you look forward to keeping in touch with simply isn't there anymore. Often there are very good reasons for such an absence. James Malizewski of Grognardia for instance. He had, it seems very deep and personal reasons for needing to absent himself from his blog. I respect those reasons. But I will say that I miss him and his old school steadiness, his balance and his commentary on the OSR.

I'm not sure many miss me, but I do miss writing on my blog. I'll admit my reasons are less noble than James', but some are at least understandable. As I've said previously I've changed jobs, my new job is very demanding and stressful, and I am also completing a masters degree. My current gaming group has been hit and miss to say the least. But this next year looks a touch lighter schedule wise and we are working out some things so it looks like a weekly game may happen soon. I'll write more about this later, but sitting in as a player has been a difficult switch.

My G+ Hangouts game was supposed to get started in December, but our GM says he is not ready. I'm ready to see if they'll be willing to just let me start GMing a game if something doesn't start soon.

And on a fun note, for me anyway, I've been running a little Christmas time campaign with my children and nephew. It has been fast and furious, but successful! They all got Castles' & Crusades books and dice for Christmas, so we are playing C&C, using the Aihrde Setting. My daughter is playing a neutral evil assassin--something I've been reluctant to allow in any of my games, evil and assassins. But it has been a blast so far. Lots of intrigue and sub-plots along with the main plot line of a missing chronomancer wizard. He had been sent back in time to stop another wizard acting as a gateway between worlds. I know, I know, heady stuff--but they are all rabid Dr. Who fans and I suppose I'm guilty of playing to that hand to reward them a bit--keep the excitement high.