Friday, December 19, 2008

Slimes and Cubes and Goblins oh my!

So three days into the keep and our adventurer's have been sorely challenged by some of the Keep's traps and sinister denizens.

Silver made a rather embarrassing debut by falling into a pit of rats in the first room of the dungeons. And though swarmed and bit he managed to haul himself out with the help a few of his comrades.

And for a while it seemed only goblins manned the various dungeons rooms until the fearless explorer's made it into a region seemingly deeper and of more fresh excavation. In the abandoned cistern of the old Keep they met with a foul blue slime. Narumata was surprised by the beast as he searched the room for traps. Quickly drained by its dissolving acid blows Narumata fell and his fellows charged in to wage a fierce battle with the evil beast. To the end it fought, but our heroes prevailed and Narumata was revived.

Resting to begin again fresh our heroes were beset upon immediately by a gelatinous cube that promptly swallowed Barkel and Qwasar. But again our heroes fought like lions to free their friends and defeat this new menace. This they did and recovered several very fine items in the bargain.

With over one third of the upper levels explored and after being trapped by an illusion cast by Kalarel himself,s till our heroes march onward. Nothing will deter them from freeing this region from Kalarel's evils and Iuz's wicked plans.