Monday, September 22, 2008

THE VJH RPG Club Blog Starts

Well, we've done it! We officially started a club webpage. Okay, not exactly a webpage, but a blog--and that's almost as good and even easier to do. This will be the page where we archive all of the information about the club, extra info for those who are interested, gaming defense articles, gaming website links, etc. It will more importantly be an ongoing log for all of our gaming sessions. Your heroic exploits and fantastic adventures will be recorded here for the whole world to enjoy! And it will be an open forum for gaming members and club fans to discuss current issues and club realted news and items of interest.

We are also preparing for our Community Committee Meeting on Wednesday, October 1st, 4pm in room 43. This meeting is an effort to get build community support and understanding for the RPG club and expand our club offerings to include games from other genres. As some of you may know we received a few concerns from community members about playing D&D at school. Even though the club requires parental permission (parents who do not agree with the game do not have to allow their children to participate) we felt that we owed it to the community to allay concerns about the myths often generated about role-playing games.

So far the principal is in full agreement with us. We have sent the parent letters home to all parents at the junior high and extra info hom to game club members. We are looking for as much support as we can so that we can get underway soon. Hopefully if all goes well, the committee will approve our new club organization and we will start meetings on the following Thursday Oct 2nd.

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