Friday, October 10, 2008

The battle ends

The dragonshield warriors were engaged in fierce blow for blow trade with Silver the Ranger & CJ the Fighter, when our warlock summoned his eldritch energy from the other realm and shot bolts of cold magical fire to the center of a dragonshield fighter almost frying him out of existence. As Silver dealt a following death blow to this now beleaguered kobold the his kobold companion shifted and retreated to a more strategic location. Dracon rushing past the flames into the battle at road's center felled another kobold with a mighty sweep. Cut in two the kobolds two halves fell with a bloody thud to the road. Quasar moved to engage the Slinger only to be hit by a pot of binding glue with held him fast. Fortunately Dracon was right behind and dealt a swift blow to the kobold now hemmed in on every side, his back to the woods.

Nuranata the tiefling thief rushed in to sideswipe the retreating Dragonshield. He delivered a wicked stab to the dragonshield's side and then painfully twisted his blade with a turn of his wrist and the Dragonshield howled in pain. The dragonborn rogue darted in an out of the battle hurling shuriken and wielding his dagger raining painful strikes upon his erstwhile foes. The Elven archer took careful aim and from the rear and released a shot which pierced the last minion in directly in the eye. The force of the blow whirling him off his feet. The eye-pierced kobold spun head over heels to land with in a heap on the earth.

The Last dragonshield warrior still yelling in pain from the blow from the thief took a thrusting strike from the ranger into his other side. The silver blade buried itself up to the hilt with the thrust of the blow. The ranger quickly withdrew his blade as did the thief. No sound uttered from the dragonshield foe now. Bloods gurgled forth from his mouth. his entrails fell from each side of his now dying form. And he crumpled to the blood strewn road.

Dracon dealt repeated crushing blows to the remaining kobold--the slinger--as he pursued him through the forest until he fell amidst the decaying leaves of the dark woods.

Narumata quickly called the party in to regroup and directed a search of the bodies. Little was turned up except for an undamaged shield of the dragonwarrior. Narumata allowed Barkel the paladin to heft the shield and keep it if he liked. He did. Draconis carefully searching the still warm body of the kobold slinger uncovered several very nice items. A sling and cache of bullets, two firepots to be used with the sling and fey dagger of wicked draconic design.

Rejoining the party Dracon showed the groups leaders his find. Narumata eyed the dagger eagerly. He approached Dracon reasoning with him that he could put the dagger to fine use with his sinister roguish attacks. Yet Dracon was loathe to release the find. His only weapon being the greatsword, he longed to keep the blade. This was his first Battle and his first significant find of treasure. The Teifling eyed him through narrowed slits. "You must think of the greater good of the party and yield the blade to the one who could do the most good." Still the Dragonborn was resistant. He snarled, uttering an oath in Draconic. Then in guttural common he declared with finality "It's mine."

Narumata turned away, a scheme already running through his crafty tiefling mind.

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