Monday, October 27, 2008

Iron Tooth falls--Orcus Awaits

The battle at the waterfall was quick and easy compared to what awaited our brave adventurers behind the falls themselves. As a small band waited outside and the rest disappeared behind the cascading water the draconian forces within attacked.

First it was Silver among a handful who noticed a small kobold peeking around a wall in the dripping caverns. The roar of the falls precluded any strategic directions so Silver sallied forth into the center of the cave, swords at the ready. It was then the band of kobold minions, lurking very near several dragonshield warriors and skirmishers the adventurers charged out party. The battle was engaged at close quarters. The kobold forces pressing the attack until our friends had their backs soaked by the spray from the falls.

Within a matter of seconds a second wave hit and already one of the party's number had fallen. Violet lay on the cavern floor amidst the puddles of dank cave water rapidly stained red from her wounds. Draconas was the next to fall, swarmed by thrashing kobolds when he got to close to the fray. Though Qwasar had run to call in reinforcements standing guard outside the Battle was not looking good.

Then Gold the Warlock fell, and still Wyrmpriests hurled their fireballs and Dragonshields swung their wicked curved shorts swords.

But the true foe was Irontooth, the vicious goblin that had appeared with the second wave. Though small muscles rippled across his sinewy arms and torso. A vicious red gleam stung forth from his one good eye, a patch covered the other. And one ugly yellowed snaggletooth sharpened to a fierce point stuck out of his mouth on the right side. He would be a fearsome foe indeed. Swinging a double bladed battleaxe he closed on the flank of the party accompanied by a dragonshield and three snarling yapping minions.

Barkel lost no time in challenging this fell foe and closing to do battle with him. Luckily the dark blade Everbleed was in his hands. And tho Barkel was unaware of its fell power the first critical strike he dealt showed its power. As others closed to assist iron tooth vainly tried to take at least one of his opponents down, but to no avail. As Irontooth fell to the many blows of his foes he uttered a guttural deathcry "Kalarel and Lord Orcus prepare my way!"

Shortly thereafter the battle was ended. But Akmeinos the infernal chasing down two remaining kobolds inadvertently set the forest outside the cave ablaze. Gasping for air and lugging the gains of the battle our adventurer's managed to run to safety and set camp for the evening. Gold had been healed as he still was within life's grasp. But Draconas and Violet were gone. And the Shadowfell Keep still lay ahead.

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