Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Out of shape gamers

Like Caramon trying to fit into his armor after he let himself go, we aging gamers tend to suffer from all sorts of physical maladies. I suppose its our basic sedentary natures. Sitting around watching Star Trek re-runs and rolling dice at the gaming table are the extent of our exertions most days. There is of course the obvious exception to the rule, but let's face it we could all use a fitness overhaul.

I suppose this is on my mind, because I'm trying to get "back" into shape, but my "back": is having second thoughts. My cholesterol also came in high--argh. am I really that old? So I've decided my daily hikes have got to continue after the summer mosquito season ends. I've also got to keep my martial arts training up. Something vigorous would probably be best, but I think I'll just keep up my Tai Chi for now, until my fitness catches up with my ambitions.

If a gate appeared now for me to step into my fantasy dreamland I would be about as useful as a sack of dried goblin dung. Well, a sack of dung that could execute roll back and press, but that ain't saying much where I'm concerned ; - )

live long and perspire,


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The Jones Family said...

On this note, when are we going to figure out how to live longer? I'm not talking about forever, but I'm talking about living 200, 300, or 400 years of age. Whales live to 200 and clams have surpassed 400 years of age. These are living, "breathing" organisms that live much longer than you and I. I'd love to be 300 years old; I think it'd be awesome.

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