Monday, January 31, 2011

What ya play or who ya play with?

Yep. Dilemma number 34,512.52b. Is "real" gaming what system you use or who you game with?

Shudder me gamin' timbers, but I was gaming last week with my AD&D group, and ... you guessed it: I wasn't having fun. I mean it was fun after a fashion, but not "it". It wasn't really there for me. I spent this weekend reading Greyhawk's campaign materials and trying to get excited. But it just wasn't happening. By Sunday I didn't even pick it up anymore.

I kept wondering if it as the group instead to the system. I really like watching the pathfinder group game. Why? Because they are the kind of guys I like to game with. In fact they are a lot like the kids I did game with when I was in school. They tend to be more socially soft spoken, but intellectually "loud". They might be called nerds by some, geeks by others, and the fact is at least two of them have aspergers syndrome. Funny thing that. People have any accused me of being aspergers. I don;t think I am, but there it is anyway.

In short, they are my kind of people. Makes me wonder if most of them are INTP type 5s.

Anywho I'm wondering about doing a little experiment and trying to GM PF for awhile to see if "it"'s there with a group I prefer.

It has also made me wonder if I shouldn't try and find my own gaming group. My own KODT. How do I do that though? Put an ad out there at the hobby shop?

Wanted! Four Knights for my Dinner Table?

Not sure really. It's not near as easy making friends as it used to be in school.

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