Ah hell, (the ninth level preferably), I give up.

What a bunch of freakin' pantywastes!! ... 'Course I actually didn't call them that -- out loud. I did tell one of them to shut up, though. Can't say I'm particularly proud of that, but the actual GMing hadn't even started yet. So I was "out of character" as it were. ... He did shut up by the way.

What's all this about you say? It's about lame ass players who can't see past their own pathetically narrow definitions of what fantasy gaming is supposed to be about. And what, in their minds is it supposed to be about? Their own wet fantasies of absolute power and invincibility. Give me a fargin' break.

Try and encourage any effort at actually roleplaying or creating backstory, context, richness or making things even remotely believable and they fall apart and reject it. They don't just reject it, they whine and complain and generally make themselves so annoyingly useless that they might as well have walked away from the table. Hell it would probably be better if they actually did.

Wow. You are by now saying to yourself. He's really on one.What on earth could have brought this on? And even more curiously you are no doubt wondering what I _did_ about it. Did I grab my dice bag and go home?

No. I'm too much of a gamer to do that. I ... well ... I gave in. I gave in and played Pathfinder.

Yep. Horror of horrors. Played Pathfinder. Yep. Kill me now.

Really? That's it you say? That's all. Hell (you are now cursing too--I've been known to be a bad influence) Pathfinder's not that bad. It's a pretty good game.

I know.

Don't you just hate that? The damn thing plays so well and is so player pleasing that it makes me, well sick. To even create a decent challenge and make things even approximately swords and sorcerly I gotta hack it old school style. What a pain.

So what really happened? Okay, okay I'll tell you in a little more detail. I don;t know that I can go into it all--it makes me want to pewk.

First I wanted then to at least _try_ Hackmaster 4e. I mean it's similar to OSRIC and they know OSRIC and about half of them are OSRIC fans. NOT 1e fams mind you, they hate it when I use the actual 1e books. They want to play strict OSRIC. And in case you didn't know by now, which all of you do, OSRIC is _not_ 1e. And the two _aint_ compatible. I've talked about that before, so I won't go into it now. At any rate they don't even get through creating HM PCs before they start whining. This is too hard, it takes too long, I don't like quirks and flaws, why am I from the lower class, we do I have to keep my stats in order, only 3d6! Waah, waah, waaah. Bunch of gaming babies.

Oh forgive me for making you guys actually play a system that has some character background built into the PC gen rules. No, sorry, this aint PC in a can. And the loudest whiner was the one who plays nothing but elf fighters who double specialize in bastard sword and all seem to have 18/00 strength. Carbon copy fargin icehole bastage. He's the one who got told to shut up.

So this week I think maybe we can try and playtest Dungeon Crawl Classics. We aint even gonna go into that. Suffice it to say we played candy coated PF.

I think I'm gonna be sick. No, wait, I already have been several times today.

I'm gonna go soak my brain in KODT. I'll post more tomorrow and maybe be able to sort this out.


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