Even More Retro Clones!

This is one of the problems I alluded to. There are just so darn many retro clones! And some of them are really hard to classify. Especially since I haven't played them all. I don't know how anyone could play them all, let alone read them. I'll set out to do that eventually. But for now I'm just trying to get them on the site. Thus far I've made the following changes and additions
  • Changed T&T to a variant with a shout out of thanks to Anarchist for the tip
  • Added Spellcraft & SwordPlay
  • The Big Brown Book
  • For Gold & Glory
  • Epees & Sorcellerie
  • Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  • Warriors Wizards & Wyrms--tho I can't find a link presently
  • Myth & Magic
  • Dragons at Dawn
  • Retro Phaze
  • Fire & Sword
  • Legends of the Ancient World
  • Dangers and Dweomers
  • Mini Six
  • Siege Perilous
  • ZeFRS
  • And also began posting links to other summaries of retro clones around the web--it isn't surprising that others are doing what I'm attempting. Oh well, I could quit, but I'm too excited to do that
I doubt all of these systems will see active support from my site. What I mean by that is that I will likely catalog them by compatibility eventually, but not keep long lists of products being released for them. I will likely stick with those that are being heavily used by the gaming public. That way you can see what the few big names are producing and what their supplements may be compatible with. But anyway, not sure how to deal with that yet.

Check back for more soon!


J.D. Higgins said…
"Elegia" is called "Retro Phaze" now. It changed titles with the second edition. =)
Chris said…
Thanks J.D.! I just recently came across a reference to the game. I've now downloaded a copy of the rules and am perusing them. what a kewl concept! Hopefully I can give them a testdrive soon and do a review that does them justice. I've changed the names here to reflect the new name too. Thanks again for the update

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