Friday, August 5, 2011

Gen Con News!

Okay, not really news, but news about news. Whatever the heck that means. I've been scanning the typical sites for Gen Con goodness and so far RPG Blog II has the best "feel like your there" coverage. And today he mentioned that there was a misconception that WoTC isn't selling anything. They evidently are, but it's not being played up very much. Kind of interesting and  filled with a certain feeling of foreshadowing given that rumors of 5e are running fast and furious. We really won't know until the release seminar on Saturday afternoon. But it's still fun to speculate. Meanwhile stop by RPG Blog II and check out the fun he's having patrolling Gen Con.

Blog of Holding did a good write-up of the WoTC, R&D Q&A session, which is worth a look. The interesting thing is that they are incorporating an optional Honor mechanics release soon. Wow! Since they are also considering an attribute based check system, I love it when things come full circle. First everyone borrowed from D&D, now they are borrowing from everyone else--Hackmaster and C&C. Kind of says something, eh?

There's more out there for sure, particularly the new offering at the OSR booth Adventurer, Conqueror, King which looks really cool. I just found out about this and thought they weren't ready for release! Another Gen Con surprise. Kewlness. But for now that's what struck my fancies. We'll see what comes of tomorrow's goings on.

Wish I was there!


Zachary Houghton said...

Thanks very much for the shout-out!

Chris said...

No problem Zach, your blog is aces! Keep up the good work! And thanks for all the GenCon coverage it was helpful and fun to read.

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