Thursday, January 19, 2012

1e is Back!

For a limited time only ... Check this out!

Yep! WoTC is offering reprints of the original PHB, DMG and MM to help support the Gary Memorial, and earn a few bucks besides.

And you can check out my thread started in the New Releases section responding to the move here. Predictably my thread is getting very little traffic though. Nonetheless I made my plea. They can't say I didn't speak up. I'd email the staff again, but I have found WoTC staff to be not very helpful in dialoguing with customers. Do I think it will stick--no not really. And not for all the predictable marketing reasons you might imagine, but simply because I've been let down one too many times by the industry, and no I'm not just talking about WoTC.

Ah well, it feels good just to support the Gary Memorial. And who knows--they may surprise me.
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