Monday, January 23, 2012

Legends Past

Meet Jener: 9th level AD&D fighter.

My friend Scott's favorite character. He commisioned old school artist Jim Holloway, of Oriental adventure fame (though he worked on many more pieces), to work up this character sketch. Set him back about $150, but well worth it in my opinion.

Brings back lots of memories.

Any of you guys ever have a famous RPG artist draw your characters? I never did, but another friend of mine commisioned Clyde Caldwell to do an oil of his female 6th level Ninja. But he never got past the pencil and ink sketch which cost him $100. The oil would have cost him about $500 if I recall correctly.

Cool stuff anyway you cut it.
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Jener said...

9th level, like hell. I was a very accomplished 14th by the time of this rare photo. Geez...........

Chris said...

Aw man, how did I miss that ... hmmmm?

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