Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pathfinder Encounter Design Help

Okay, so I decided to really give my encounters a look see. Maybe I am throwing things too hard at my players as I mentioned in my last post. For those of you who missed it; I've been having lots of PCs die lately and was wondering if my challenge ratings are a bit off--maybe my encounters are too imbalanced. So I looked up Encounter Design in the Gamemastering section of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and did some number crunching.

Only, now I'm more than a little puzzled. Maybe some of you Pathfinder gurus could help me out.
I have 11 1st level players and I want a challenging campaign. So PF says that comes out to a CR of 3.

APL = 1
+1 for above 6 PCs
+1 for challenging
CR = 3

Which means that a challenging encounter would amount to like 5 or 6 Goblins.

Really!? For 11 PCs? That somehow seems off to me. But it is definitely less than what I've been throwing at them.

Any thoughts?
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