Friday, March 9, 2012

Why Can't I Buy a Pathfinder Book?

Permit me a quick recap of my current gaming endeavors.
  • I'm GMing a "4th Core" Pathfinder Game with a modified version of Crucible of the Gods from the save vs death guys.
  • I'm taking back over a PF game from my student GM who was beginning to struggle. It's another low level standard PF game.
  • I'm trying to build interest in a Supers game--no real luck so far, and no idea of what system I would use anyway.
  • I'm tinkering away on "my own game" written as a S&W variant. Very slow progress there--and it may end up just being a S&W campaign.
  • I'm trying to decide what system I should covert my personal adventures to in order to start offering them for download. That was a project I started last year that stalled when I couldn't decide what OGL system to publish them under. 
So, that's about it, but for all my normal game/fiction reading and writing that I do on a regular basis. But the point here is the only real gaming I seem to be able to do lately is Pathfinder stuff. I mean its alright and everything. And the campaign is finally coming together a bit as my young players have started to learn how to play better. We may actually make 5th level by the end of this school year.

Anywho I'm about ready to make some game purchases, and I really thought I should buy my own copy of the PF core rules. We have a club copy, and a miscellaneous library of about 8 other PF books--but these are club books and are frequently borrowed by other club members. I figured it was about time to buy mine.

But, see ... I can't seem to do so ... I mean I put it in my shopping cart and everything, but I just can't feel "good" about it. It just isn't "my" game--isn't a game I would choose to play, let alone read and ponder over. I thought maybe it was because I had access to the Core rules in the club library and maybe I wanted something new. So I thought about getting Distant Worlds or Ultimate Magic or Combat or even Bestiary 3--none of which I have access to. But I just can't do it--I just don't want them bad enough to buy them.

Which is fine you know, I mean I'm certainly not going to buy them if I don't want them. But it has made me somewhat melancholy again. I mean here I am running two campaigns in a game I don't like enough to even buy the rules for. Sheesh! What gives?
You know what I want to buy? I want to buy Crypts & Things by Newt Newport, or maybe finally Lamentations of the Flame Princess and Carcosa by James Raggi. Although since I'm a daddy of three wee ones I don't quite fancy having to keep my copy of LotFP locked in my file cabinet, like it's a porn magazine I'm trying to hide. No, but the point is I really want those games; I want to read them; I want to be transported by them; I want to PLAY them!

... ... ... ...

So chances are that's exactly what I'll do. But it still leaves me enjoying those games at home in my reading chair with a cup of Mate', while I have to play PF during the week. Don't get me wrong I'm grateful for the games I do play. Some people don't have any chance at all to game. But darn it all it still makes me a little sad.


Anonymous said...

I'm also in a pathfinder game just because it's what people are playing and would rather be in an old school game.

I think the old school in general needs to get organized and better and finding like minded gamers in person.

Brendan said...

You could buy the LotFP PDFs rather than the hard copies. That way impressionable minds will be less likely to stumble upon them. If I recall correctly, there are no particularly sexual or disturbing images in Carcosa, though there are some in the Grindhouse Edition.

Both of those books are really really nice though. Some of my favorite books in my RPG collection.

Anonymous said...

I played PF in a store sponsored summer campaign two years ago. Haven't played since. And we could have used a simpler game (maybe C&C?) and I don't think much would have turned out different. So save your money if PF isn't doing it for you. The above link should be enough.

I just ordered Crypts & Things a couple days ago.

ADD Grognard said...

It took me awhile to decide to pickup the core book, but once I read the PFBB and liked the idea of being able to add parts to the box as you go I thought what a great way to bring people in.

Now I'm waiting on the 'beast box'. I don't neeeeed it but it's such a great idea that I want to support the concept and hope they do more.

I know you said you had some material you had worked on and thought you might publish...have you thought of working it up for the box? If you read the Paizo forums people seem very eager for material. Might make a nice fit. :)

Woo Flaxman said...

PF Beginners is a great rules lite variant. I'm now using it and converting extra bits to the system as and when they are needed.

Chris said...

Hey thanks everyone. I'm really sorry it took so long to get back to make a reply. I've had some medication issues lately. I had a bad reaction to some allergy medication that really threw me for a loop. I have thought about the beginners box, but haven't picked it up yet. Not sure my group would drop the full rules for a lighter version though.

It is a possibility, however, to shift to the beginners box at the start of the next school year. That's when a new crop of 8th graders will come through and perhaps be more amenable to starting with a different version.

But to be honest, I'd really like to go with Castles & Crusades. But I suppose it's not all that important really. I just really like what the Troll Lords do over there. Really like the speed of the d20 system and the elegance os the seige engine.

dungeon sand dragon said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who (whilst conceding that pathfinder is a sound game) has no interest in playing it!

It just doesn't seem exciting to me for some reason, and more and more I'm coming to the conclusion that I get more enjoyment out of old RPG books than new ones, so Pathfinder just continually slips further and further down my list of things to buy or run....

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