Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Missing The Original Dragon Magazine? Check Out These OSR Mags

If you're like me you miss getting that Dragon magazine in the mail each month. It was my first magazine subscription, and I was 14 years old. Of course, Dragon switched focus as D&D did, and after 2e was retired I didn't have much to do with magazine after that. So, what's an OSR gamer to do nowadays when thirsting after some good OSR periodical bliss? Well, believe it or not we do have some options. They aren't quite as frequent or regular as good old reliable Dragon was, but they are doing a good job nonetheless. So if you get the chance check out these fine rags and I think you'll be more than pleased:

It's a podcast--but it RAWKS!
It's first issue is out soon, but you can get on their email list now!

And if you know of others, let me know and I'll add them to the list. Some of the above are for free download online, but others are available at a modest fee. I love the OSR. It's got it's issues, but overall we are definitely in a renaissance of Classic D&D gaming. Oh, and just becuase I love it and it had a wonderful old school ethic I'm going to add what I wait each month for right now: