Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Old School: Writing Your first Adventure!

I mean do you remember when you did?! I can't recall the first one I did, but boy did I write them. Hours spent creating dungeons while I should have been paying attention to my Algebra teacher. Page after page of graph paper, simple room descriptions or innovative (at least I thought so at the time) traps and monster strategies. New magic items, penciled drawing now fading with age, but bright with imaginal memory. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Well, I was kicking around Kickstarter -- pun fully intended -- the other day and found this little gem:

This amazing little work is a product of the brain of artist and gamer Tim Hutchings. He evidently asked for submissions from gamers the world over of their gaming products. He has some samples on his website, in the Play Generated Map and Document Archive. And talk about a walk down memory lane. Though I must admit, some of these guys were a lot more organized than I ever was. And better mapmakers than I was at 12 ; - )

By the sites own words the purpose of the project is to "is to preserve, present, and interpret play generated cultural artifacts, namely manuscripts and drawings created to communicate a shared imaginative space." Which, as a trained cultural anthropologist I find fascinating. As a gamer I think it's freakin beans awesome!! Anywho take a look around at his work. I haven't emailed him or anything to see if the product is still available, but I would love to have a copy.

And one more gem before we depart for today that, had it been on sale I would have snapped up in a wink. In fact it looks as good as many Judges Guild products did back in the day ...