Monday, August 28, 2017

Matt Finch is Awesome!

Another great Youtube find recently was Matt Finch's new channel in which he covers all things Swords and Wizardly. He has done a basic What Is S&W, and some coverage of various Frog God releases compatible with S&W. I particularly like the background on some of the campaign related material for the realms in which the adventures are being produced. It not only intrigued me but also spiked my interest in the setting and the depth of roleplay they were building into adventures like Rogues in Rembalo. For anyone who thinks old school is just about generic dungeon crawls should really check the out Rogues as well as the other products coming out of Frog God.

Also, Matt has produced three awesome videos on the OGL and the SRD. Now Matt is a lawyer, but he makes clear what he is giving is not legal advice, rather a hopefully in depth overview of what the OGL is, how it works, and how you should proceed working with it. I found this very helpful. Not only do we have someone with legal understanding and knowledge, we have an actual game developer telling us how to proceed if we should wish to take advantage of the license. I know that one of my main reasons for halting when I've though of sharing my content under this is an obstacle that has held me back, among others :-) I found the presentation direct, easy to understand, and useful and applicable to putting out content with the license. It has also made me aware of some of the inevitable pitfalls that, if not avoided, could lead to an unhappy outcome.

Lastly, just want to put out there that it is great to have luminaries like Matt putting themselves out there to help us common folk. Yes, some could say it just helps their production efforts. I personally am just fine with that. Matt has put out some cool stuff and it is people like him the rest of us often look to in helping us keep the old school relevant and alive. Thanks again, Matt. Also: please go by and check out his channel, give his videos a like if you find them neat, and subscribe. As evidently this has a lot to do with your Youtube presence. The more likes and subscribers you get the more Youtube caters to your needs. Support these avenues or they disappear.