Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Redesigning A2 Secret of the Slavers Stockade

So we just wrapped up the assault on Highport--Slave Pits of the Undercity (A1). It didn't go exactly according to plan, but that's what makes these things so fun sometimes. In case you have been following this somewhat broken campaign arc, we are in the Forgotten Realms and I placed Highport on the Isle of Mendarn. Granted, Mendarn was a slightly more affluent and powerful port than Highport in Greyhawk, but I downgraded it a bit and resurfaced it with a humanoid invasion. And as my last entry made clear I set the Slaver's Fort from A2 in the TrollClaws back on the mainland.

The escapade at Highport ended with the Slavers magically collapsing the Temple and undercaverns in a failed attempt to crush the party. The party notified them rather early of their assault and it was a running battle from that point on. The Slavers evacuated themselves and the slaves before the implosion, however, and were caught by the escaping characters at Tymorra's docks where they saved about half the slaves, burned a slave ship and defeated the bulk of the slavers if not the top guns of the enterprise thus far. They are still chasing Neznarr from Phandelver along with his cohorts, Halia the betrayer of the Lord's Alliance, the Slave Lord assassin from A1, and a myserious elemental controlling drow sorceress.

At any rate they are about ready to return the slaves and set out for the Troll Claws. However, I am struggling with the tight design of the fort and the close quarters of the adventure as a whole. Though I like the basic premise, and truly hope my players are sneaky and choose the more surreptitious entry we'll see what happens. That and I have a rather large party of 7 players and one wolf companion. Accordingly I have decided to give A2 a close read and a redesign to make it more suited to my party. I am thinking about defaulting to the tournament maps for the adventure, but am going to need to do some remapping regardless. I'll keep you informed as I go, along with the changes to encounters and stats yo give you an idea of how I'm approaching it.


Scott Anderson said...

Oh, how funny! I'm playing a one on one campaign with my son and we just made our first incursion into the temple in A1 on Sunday! He has his main and a little company of hirelings, retainers, and a really nice magic sword.

We were going through B10 and he latched right in on the Iron Ring slavers, so I put the temple in the wilderness near Kelven in Karameikos and made the slavers into Iron Ring guys.

He went at it backwards too. Between some good sneaking, good bluffing and good luck, he was able to take out half the slavers without alerting the priestess. He even got the drop on the thief boss in the sewer.

He got ahold of their ledger and manifests and about 6,000 GP, and took it back to town, two days away, where he can recruit a mercenary company or something to clean out the rest of the temple.

Chris Jones said...

Nice! Well done indeed! I love the plot line for the Slaver campaign arc, lots of room for great strategizing and role play. Though A1 didn't quite go according to plan, it was a blast. Which is one of the reasons I'm trying to go through A2 with a fine toothed comb to make sure I'm ready for whatever happens.

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