Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And now for a flashback!

Our party's beginnings and their initial journey to Winterhaven have as yet gone unexplained. I take the opportunity to now elucidate their individual motives, and their quest's genesis. But first our Dramatis Personae:
  • Violet the Dragonborn Ranger
  • Dean the Human Fighter
  • Quasar the Dragonborn Fighter
  • Dracon the Dragonborn Paladin of Kord
  • Suhew the Dragonborn Fighter
  • Matthew Tawer the Elven Warlock
  • Darkiss Gent the Eladrin Warlock
  • Hwarang the Elven Ranger
  • Korlogh the Elven Fighter
  • Silver the Human Ranger
  • Sedecei The Eladrin Cleric of The Raven Queen
  • Barkel the Tiefling Paladin of Avandra
  • Ebrithil the Elven Warlock
  • SeeChay the Elven Warlock
  • Narumata the Tiefling Rogue
  • Draconas the Dragonborn Rogue
  • Anorran the Eladrin Rogue
Three separate tales have found their way into our adventurer's awareness:
Matthew and Darkiss both shared the same mentor in their apprenticeship to mastering the powers of the Warlock: Douven Stahl. Douven was an elderly fey pact Warlock when they first met him. Age and closeness to the fey had left him a whisper of a mortal when they completed their apprenticeships. He had introduced him to magic and the power of the fey. He was more than a second father to them both and they would gladly lay their lives down in his defense. And he was missing. Douven was also known for his sage-like studies in ancient history, and Matthew and Darkiss both are aware of his most recent researches. In the mountains on the Shadowfell lay the grave of an ancient Elder dragon close to the powers of fey. History rumored that this elder dracon was indeed a fey warlock of great power. To find his grave, and to see if his essence had passed into the fey would be a source of great magical power Douven could not resist. His studies had obsessed him as of late and then he had simply gone missing. Matthew and Darkiss are both searching for him. They ran upon Silver & Cody in their searches and accepted their aid.
Sedecei, Narumata & Dracon were all aware of the sage Parle Cranewing who had called them to a glass of thistledown tea and a very interesting story. The story he told started at the town of Winterhaven and quickly moved to the ancient keep that once stood above it in the mountains to the north. This keep was said to be cursed by many. For Parle it held the secrets to an ancient empire that may have once ruled in this region. If these sturdy young adventurer's were up to the challenge, Parle was willing to pay them handsomely just for the opportunity to investigate any artifacts they located--especially any written materials. The three quickly accepted and called for assistance from the local fighter's guild. Thus were Seechay, Suhew and Korlogh added to their number. Ebrithil the Warlock a compatriot of Sedecei joined their group and they set off for the northlands.
Barkel had been summoned by the High Priestess Marla of the Great Church. The Great Church acknowledges all the Gods and pays due homage to each except for those of evil. Marla herself had been dedicated to Pelor when she was but a wee lass, and had known Barkel since his induction into Paladinhood. She ahd been impressed by his valor and his sense of purpose. So when she had heard of ominous signs in the north she thought of him first. The Church was loathe to admit to her fears--that cultists had arisen again in the land. She was aware of a twisted priest by the name of Kalarel that was fascinated by ancient lost gods, particularly those with an evil bent. Rumor has it that Kalarel left the Great Church and began gathering around him followers of a like mind. This group of cultists moved several times from city to city as Kalarel proselyted and they were steadily banished for their questionable rites. Eventually they disappeared. Through careful and prolonged investigation Marla had discovered that witnesses had spied the cultists travelling north on the road to Winterhaven over a year ago. From the rites they were witnessed practising in various cities Marla fears that they are unholy ceremonies designed to awaken an ancient evil. Marla enlisted Barkel in an exploration of what the cultists were doing and their elimination if need be. Barkel called upon several of his associates, Violet, Qwasar, Anorran and Hwarang to assist him in his quest.
These questors met upon the road to Winterhaven and their troupe then first ran into the kobolds on the road.

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