Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Heading towards the Caingorn Peaks our heroes come to a small but fast slowing stream. An ancient bridge once passed here, but has long ago washed away. Filling their waterskins, several of our the band notice kobolds moving upstream near a waterfall. Narumata leads the band uphill towards the kobold encampment, but they are discovered in their attempts to ambush the small lizardmen. A battle ensues in which our heroes quickly manage victory. Behind the waterfall stairs are visible, and the heroes in front of the battle regroup to head in. A band of the adventurer's stay outside to stand guard. As the last of the exploratory band disappears behind the falls an ambush befalls the remaining band outside. They are immobilized as if by magic and large, heavily muscled, pig headed, snaggletoothed creatures rush out to bind them fast. Their tongues are bound and they are unable to raise the alarm. Violet, Dean, Suhew, Korlogh, Silver, Seechay, Sedecei, Ebrithil & Anorran are all quickly carried downhill into awaiting caged wagons and driven to the west.

Unbeknownst to our heroes who have entered into the falls, a much more dire fate awaits them hiding in the cavern's shadows. Qwasar, Dracon, Matthew, Darkiss, Hwarang, Barkel, Narumata and Draconas head inward, weapons drawn guard at the ready. The Caverns are well lit by torches placed at various locations on the walls. Puddles of water shimmer on the caverns floor. The roar of the falls drown out all but the loudest shout. And are those shadows moving?

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