Thursday, July 9, 2009

I haven't stopped Gaming

Just Blogging. Sorry about that. For any who still peruse my new postings. I'm trying to get more blog savvy too. Shorter posts : - ) and better coverage out there in the wide world of netdom.

I'm currently working on developing a 2e campaign for the school club centered around Greyhawk. I'm amassing all the content now and priming the creative pump for the first storylines.

Is 2e Classic gaming? Well, it has its issues, but to be honest I'm going 2e 'cause it's obviously what the KODT were playing. And since HM is going to change the system to A&8's technology I'm waiting to see the basic set before I make the leap. It should be out soon, if not already.

Give me your two cents. 2e Classic? Dumb to go with a game because it's what the KODT play--after all my searching give me a better reason.



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