Friday, July 10, 2009

Star Trek Modules

And I'm not talking for the Star Trek RPG. I've been rewatching my old TOS DVDS and realized: 'Hey, with a little tweaking these would make great D&D adventures!'

Okay, maybe I had been up too late, but think about it before you dismiss it so easily. Think about "A Piece of the Action" cast as a city or even an entire kingdom overrun by rival thieves' guilds. Our erstwhile players have been sent in by a neighboring monarch or deposed lord to somehow settle the mess. They obviously can't take all of the thieves and assassins out, they'd have to negotiate, compromise and use their non-combat powers do a great degree in order to navigate the complicated politics of gangster states.

And just think of all the cool infiltrations into the trapped labyrinths of the thieves' guilds HQs. Cool stuff if you ask me.

Any more good Trek D&D adventures come to mind?

Going to watch some more episodes tonight : - )


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