Thursday, January 6, 2011

AD&D, OSRIC -- And What is What?

So my current project is a personal one. Not really designed to be disseminated except for those in my campaigns. I am rewriting the entire corpus of 1e rules. My hope is to cover the following:

Everything rule related published from 1978 to 1989 -- basically everything for use with 1e. That would include, at least:

PHB -- Player's Handbook
MM -- Monster Manual
DMG -- Dungeon Masters Guide
DDG -- Deities & Demigods (Selected Portions)
UA -- Unearthed Arcana
DSG -- Dungeoneers Survival Guide
WSG -- Wilderness Survival Guide
MoP -- Manual of the Planes
Dragon Mags up from June 1976 through 1989
MMII -- Monster Manual II
FF -- Fiend Folio
OA -- Oriental Adventures
GH -- Greyhawk Adventures
Other Greyhawk Supplements

My purpose in doing so is twofold. First it will intimately re-familiarize me with the rules in a way few other projects can. Secondly it will allow me to present my "campaign version" of the rules that I play.

I must admit, however, that I'm inclined to simply re-read the entire corpus and create an "outline" of the rules in the interest of time. It is simply taking a heccuva lotta time to get this project moving along. I tend to type about 2 pages a day. A rough estimate would put the project at about 7 years -- yikes.

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