Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can't Kill a Character? Make Him a God!

A quick update on Parlifin. You remember, Parlifin the Unconquerable? Well, a few friends of mine emailed me after they read the Parlifin remembrance. One just happened to be the player of Parlifin himself. He reminded me that Parlifin was killed, after a fashion. At any rate their emails were so much fun I thought I'd share them here:

First was a quick note from my partner in crime who was as ardent as I at devising ways to defeat the power munchkin. He writes:

"I can kill him, where is his character sheet????? RIIIIPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slippery rat bastard."

Which was sufficient to summon the being himself, player of Parlifin. Who writes:


Oy vey! : (

Parllifin, the Half-Black/Half-White... The ultimate Munchkin... AD&D taken to the extreme.

You know... You *did* actually slay Parllifin, Chris. It was a brilliant maneuver...

It was you, wasn't it? Or was it someone else? I can't remember, getting senile in my old age.

I remember that one game, where when I displayed my power, I earned the adoration of a single follower... Then two... Then 10... Word spread and suddenly a movement sprang up around Parllifin... Then a religion... Then Parllifin had no choice... He was a demigod.

Powerless in the face of his growing population of worshipers and their prayers.

Parllifin the character was slain, replaced by the demigod, Parllifin the Half-Black/Half-White, Parllifin the Invincible/Untouchable, Parllifin the Anathema of Metal, Parllifin the Nexus of Positive/Negative, Parllifin the Unborn, Parllifin the Immutable Point in Time.

And here I had thought I can every possible danger covered. Who knew that the fervent prayers of a large mass of followers would change everything.

Good job, Chris. :)

And feel free to rip the sheet my friend. It is just paper with some lead pencil squiggles on it.

Parllifin still lives on in your mind and in your heart. :D"
 Spoken as only he can. Parlifin is dead! Long live Parlifin!

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