Monday, July 18, 2011

The Gaming Industry

Yes, James Maliszewski, we ARE too obsessed with the industry. And I also agree with you, it's not necessarily a good thing. I've tried to stop just posting about other bloggists entries, but this point is too good not to make, so check it out here.

I have to wonder if my own confusion doesn't mainly come from my obsession with the old school movement, and all the ins and outs that come along with it. Shouldn't we really be out playing games more? That's where the rubber meets the road so to speak, or the imagination meets the dream.

When I was younger we talked more about what Solabaris and Elektra the ninja (yeah I know, but that's the name he chose) were going to do to each other when they face off again. What new demon Tunner might ensnare since he had just defeated the Demogorgon on the Prime Material; and if there existed any foul trap in the multiverse that might actually defeat Parlifin. Would Nealin finish his Tower of Evil on the Sea Beneath the World? And would his former party members be able to stop him? Or should they?

Now when I talk to gamers we talk about versions, editions, rules systems, mechanics, Old School vs New School, 3.5, 4e, retro clones, variants and on and on ad nauseam. Maybe we've matured? Pooh and piffle I say. I want my old discussions back. I just want to play more and worry about the meta-hobby less.

Sounds like a good idea James. Thanks for the insight. You have been my gem of truth today, and I think I'll go over in the corner and polish it up a bit and see what shines back at me. ....

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