Monday, July 18, 2011

The Gaming Industry

Yes, James Maliszewski, we ARE too obsessed with the industry. And I also agree with you, it's not necessarily a good thing. I've tried to stop just posting about other bloggists entries, but this point is too good not to make, so check it out here.

I have to wonder if my own confusion doesn't mainly come from my obsession with the old school movement, and all the ins and outs that come along with it. Shouldn't we really be out playing games more? That's where the rubber meets the road so to speak, or the imagination meets the dream.

When I was younger we talked more about what Solabaris and Elektra the ninja (yeah I know, but that's the name he chose) were going to do to each other when they face off again. What new demon Tunner might ensnare since he had just defeated the Demogorgon on the Prime Material; and if there existed any foul trap in the multiverse that might actually defeat Parlifin. Would Nealin finish his Tower of Evil on the Sea Beneath the World? And would his former party members be able to stop him? Or should they?

Now when I talk to gamers we talk about versions, editions, rules systems, mechanics, Old School vs New School, 3.5, 4e, retro clones, variants and on and on ad nauseam. Maybe we've matured? Pooh and piffle I say. I want my old discussions back. I just want to play more and worry about the meta-hobby less.

Sounds like a good idea James. Thanks for the insight. You have been my gem of truth today, and I think I'll go over in the corner and polish it up a bit and see what shines back at me. ....


DRANCE said...

Amen! I totally agree that people need to put their energy into playing/running in games rather than all this meta crap. I for one can't wait to write more about the good times I am having during this return to gaming that I am experiencing.

Chris said...

Thanks Drance. When I started this blog it was as a club website and game journal. I moved away from that format because I was going through a sort of gaming rediscovery myself. The OSR was really beginning to blossom and there was lots of talk on the web about system comparison and such --some of it got pretty heated too. After awhile I thought maybe I could give something back to the gaming community. Be a voice for a particular style of gaming.

Well, what I'm starting to realize is that this isn't near as much fun as gaming. And that there are lots of others doing what I had intended better than I ever could. What this means for the future of my blog is still uncertain. But I'm kind of looking forward to focusing more on the fun of gaming instead of all this industry gab.

As Bones might say, "Dammit Jim! I'm a gamer not a an industrialist!!" : - ) Ha! Ha!

And thanks again for stopping by Drance!

DRANCE said...

Yeah, I really signed on to talk to other gamers about how great gaming is! I want to hear about the ups and down of game sessions, what were lessons learned through playing, house rules, etc. All this is enjoyable and/or useful, and all related to actual play. Everything else is just fluff, IMHO.

ADD Grognard said...

I enjoy the 'literary' side of the hobby as much as the gaming side. Coming from an art-into-business background I love to see the birth of an idea, those first moments of life before it becomes consumed by hungry gamers :)

And I guess I'm the opposite. I like all the 'meta' thought is if all you are reading about is other folks' play sessions you need to find a game! :)

I've also enjoyed reading the history of the hobby at various sites. I've learned a lot about how we got here and what a strange trip it has been.

Chris said...

Yeah, I'm a game history buff too. It's just that with all the industry talk things seem a little removed from what we actually do. So much of the meta-talk on the business is a matter of opinion anyway.

Now, I'm not really talking about gaming news. That's a bit different. (See my recent post on 5e for some news.) But more the gaming philosophy stuff. I too find it interesting, but a bit one-sided.

But, never fear ADD Grognard, you'll continue to find both spewing from my maw from time to time ; - )

Thanks for continuing to stop by.

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