Thursday, September 8, 2011

Club Re-Vote

Well, due to voting issues we all met as a club to re vote on a system. There were about 18 members present and me. I gave an outline of each game, and a brief explanation of the systems. Then I asked for members to introduce themselves and add their two cents. The Pathfinder devotees carried the day. They were very convincing and had some good points. I think they immediately converted about 10 or so people to their side with their advocations alone. Then as everyone else introduced themselves and said one after another that PF sounded good I think it changed the few others' minds that hadn't been yet convinced. One kid stuck up for S&W and three still voted for Adventures Dark & Deep. But in the end PF carried the day fairly strongly.

We started rolling up some characters and will be starting official play Thursday afternoon. There are three groups *whew*! Hope I can keep this up.

More soon --

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