A Sad Letter: Game Club Canceled

For those who are interested, this letter went out to club members today:

Dear RPG Club Member,

I regret to inform you that the VJH RPG Club has been canceled for this year. I have run this club for 6 years straight now and have loved every minute of it. RPGs are a big part of my life and bring me great satisfaction. I have also truly enjoyed helping so many students learn to enjoy them as well. Unfortunately, professional demands have grown so much over the past two years that I simply don't have time to run a regular RPG club at the school. However, all is not lost.

Working closely with Mr. B. who runs Wild on Hobbies (our favorite local gaming store), I will be a part of a regular game scheduled to run at his hobby shop once a month. Details haven't quite been decided, but a group of 4 or 5 Game Masters are going to be running games at the store. There will be at least one RPG game a week run by various GMs from around the area. Check with me, Mr. B. or at the hobby shop for more information.

I also highly recommend getting together with your friends and gaming among yourselves. This is the way I gamed for years growing up. You can buy gaming rule books online or ask Wild on Hobbies to order them in for you. You can also download plenty of rules free from the Internet. Whatever the case, please continue to pursue your gaming interests. Don't let the club's cancellation curb your enthusiasm. As The Knights of The Dinner Table always say “The Game Must Go On!”


Mr. Jones
Lots of heavy sighs, sad faces and disappointment. Breaks my heart really. But hopefully they'll find the strength to carry on the flame for themselves. And of course they can always stop by and talk with me about games and gaming between classes. Feel like I'm reliving my own high school experiences when the principal kept us from having a club due to that stupid 60 minutes report.
More to come soon.


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