Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wizards Online Playtest Agreement

There has been an unexpected development. I don't know why this didn't cross my mind earlier, as I knew there would be some sort of NDA for the public playtest. But reading the OPA, I'm uncertain exactly what sort of posts I can make here. The way I read it feedback developed from the playtest is supposed to be exclusively directed to Wizards. I completely understand of course, but it makes posting my thoughts here a sort of gray area. So my last post which stated the questions I would be answering here, may have been premature. I really don't know how detailed I can get and I don't want to violate the OPA and end up being disallowed to participate in future 5e playtests.

So that being said I'll just say I downloaded the first playtest packet and I really like what I see so far. I highly encourage others to also sign up for the playtest, especially old schoolers. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find therein. I will of course ne posting some of my thoughts on the Wizards forums, so you can check them out there, under the username Sizzaxe. And I'll be posting regularly to my blog, just not much specifics on the actual playtest materials or my feddback.

Just coincedentally I just got my GURPS Fantasy & GURPS Magic books in the mail yesterday. And they too look very cool. So far I really like the Fantasy book, and am looking forward to receiving Banestorm today. You can definitely expect my thoughts on those over the course of the next few days, so stay tuned.


Eric said...

I just don't see it, I really cant't say that Next in its current form is a game I want to play. It feels like a House rules 3.X, well I already own a good 3.X house ruled game, it's called Pathfinder.


Chris said...

Hi Eric. Yeah, all I have to do is spend more than five minutes on their forums arguing with people about how they think old school sucks and is the worst way in the world to play, and I'm burnt out.

My playtest is supposed to start this week--but I'm not even sure I'll follow through. I'm still very torn about it all, and still reading lots of GURPS.

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