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First Introduction to Tellene

Welcome to Tellene!

Note that this is a character's introduction to Tellene. What most character's would know about their world or can easily find out by talking to a variety of people is presented here. 

There is more thorough information presented about the region of the City State of P'Bapar, for that is the are in which our campaign begins. Most of your first characters will be from P'Bapar of geographic regions very close by. In later sessions you can begin to create characters from farther afield.

More specific information for your individual characters will be provided based on their history. In other words we can talk one on one about the specifics of the local region of origin for your character. You might need to know about a certain forest, or town, city or mountain range depending on your character's background. The information here is general information most characters know, geographically, historically and socially.

Small Ranch Holding near Coniper Gap in P'Bapar at the Foot of the Legasa Peaks and the Krond Heights
Your world is called Tellene--and a fantastic world it is! Tellene is an earth-like planet circling a moderately sized yellow star much like Earth's own called, conveniently enough, the Sun. The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West and most breezes prevail from West to East. Each Year is roughly 360 days long, divided into 12, 30 day months and each day lasts 24 hours. Tellene is slightly warmer that Earth and slightly more moist. Currently the year is 563, Imperial Reckoning (IR) or Year of the King 1044 (YK).
The Known World (img courtesy)
There are six main regions in the known world. Brandobia, Kalamar, The Young Kingdoms, The Wildlands, Renaaria Bay and Svimohzia. Yet while we know of their location and general disposition much remains hidden and mysterious in these far off lands.

The Lands of most concern to us are the Young Kingdoms, and in particular the holdings of the City State of P'Bapar.
The Young Kingdoms ((img courtesy)
The history of the Young Kingdoms starts with the native cattle-herding Dejy tribes peoples that inhabited this region long before other civilized nations arrived here. In about the Year of the King 441, Voleln nephew of King Andovel of Brandobia was granted all the lands East of the Legasa Peaks. Entering with his troops through Coniper Gap he quickly subjugated the Dejy and adopted their cattle husbandry techniques and mounted fighting strategies. Voleln expanded what was then called Eastern Brandobia South to the Renador River and East to the Hadaf Highlands.

Then it was that the troubles began. For Voleln's forces had made the native Elves and Dwarves of the regions and heated conflict quickly arose. The Brandobian forces were resoundingly defeated by the demi-humans and successfully contained within the confines of the broad Eastern Valleys of the Dejy. The Dwarves returned to the mountain fastness, but commerce arose with the Elves of the region and the new Eastern Brandobian reaches.

But just as things began to look promising, Goblins from the Northern woods of Brindon and HobGoblins from the Dark Ashul Weald in the South invaded the new Brandobian territories. The initial battles were a slaughter for the new human immigrants, and many were lost to death and or slavery in those dark years. During this time a vast HobGoblin and Goblinoid territory developed under the ruthless HobGoblin King Kruk-Ma-Kali who held the region under an iron grip. It was the Year of the King 203. Eventually however, with the help of their Elven allies and Dwarven patrols the humanoids were harried back somewhat and reasonably contained eventually establishing the Southern HobGoblin kingdom of Norgra Krangrel.

As the Humans and Demi-Humans were rebuilding the lands regained from the humanoids, King Fulakar invaded with his massive cavalry from the South and adopted Eastern Brandobia into the new Kalamaran Empire. King Kolokar is crowned King over he Kalamaran Empire in 254 and shortly thereafter defeats the Hob-Goblins and organizes the Young Kingdoms, separating the area into largely independent kingdoms.

Roughly 200 years later the Kingdoms begin to secede from the Empire as it weakens and eventually become completely independent kingdoms in their own right.

Note: The World of Tellene and the Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign setting are the creation of KenzerCo. I highly recommend you check them out at their website. For my players, you are free to purchase the KoK supplement, but most things therein are not general knowledge for most PCs.

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