Monday, July 21, 2014

Quirks & Flaws Resource


Note this is information for players in my new Hackmaster 5e game. For details see Hackmaster 5e PHB from KenzerCo.

So, Quirks and Flaws. Fun ways to make your PC more interesting, colorful or memorably obnoxious. This is how it works:

Rolling Randomly gives you full BP Award value for the first quirk or flaw.

Cherry Picking a Quirk or Flaw gives you half the listed BP Award value.

Rolling Randomly for a second Quirk or Flaw gives you the Full BP Award MINUS FIVE.
Cherry Picking for a second Quirk or Flaw give you half, MINUS FIVE of the listed BP Award value.

Each subsequent roll or pick lowers the BP value by a cumulative minus 5. So in other words the third roll is BP Value minus 10, the third pick is 1/2 BP Value minus ten, the fourth is minus 15 etc.

The list is categorized by the 3d10 Result (if you choose to roll),  Quirk Name, then BP Award. Refer to the Basic PDF for descriptions.

01 - 02, Absent-Minded, 20
03, Close Talker, 16
04, Compulsive Liar, 25
05, Fear of Heights, 30
06, Foul-Mouthed, 5
07, Glutton, 10
08, Greedy, 15
09, Miserly, 30
10, Nosy, 8
11, Paranoid, 25
12, Quick-Tempered, 10
13, Racist, 40
14, Superstitious, 15

3d10 Result, Flaw Name, BP Award

15, Allergies, 15
16, Anosmia, 10
17, Colorblind, 10
18, Facial Scar, 2d20
19, Hairy, 5 or 15
20, Limp, slight, 5
21, Limp, moderate, 10
22, Limp, severe, 25
23, Lisp, 25
24, Myopia, 30
25, Pocking, 20
26, Prematurely Gray, 5
27, Sleepwalker, 20
28, Sterile, 5
29, Strange Body Odor, 20
30, Tone Deaf, 5

IMPORTANT NOTE: Backstories are required for all quirks and flaws. Without a backstory the quirk and or flaw may be disallowed.


Cindy Dy said...

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for inspiring us. Keep it up and continue on what your doing. Visit my site too.

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