Sunday, February 15, 2015

Catching Up

Had a comment some time back asking for the Hackmaster posts from my last campaign. So I re-posted them for your general use and reference.

I have been neck deep in grad school and my new job as a school administrator. While I never stop thinking about gaming, reading about it, talking about it with those who are close to me, and working on my adventures and campaigns I have not been doing much actual gaming. Regardless of a few failed attempts to start long term campaigns with friends both near and far it hasn't been a complete dry spell; but most sessions have been one-offs with immediate and extended family when they visit. I even found a fellow whom I identify with quite a lot, Kenny, the Solo Role Player. I admire his efforts at building the Solo Roleplaying community, but I think even he would admit that going it solo is not quite the same thing as social roleplaying--it is in fact a different sort of hobby. But What Kenny has made me aware of is that I am not the only one out there dying to game more, but for whom life has gotten so busy that a regular gaming schedule just isn't quite happening. Most days I finally pull out my game books around 10:45 as I'm laying in bed trying to get to sleep--and I still have to be up at 6:00 the next morning.

Unfortunately, my blog has taken a back seat. That's a shame really, since I've learned from Kenny it means a lot to the gamer masses out there that you aren't alone when you can't find time in life to game. None of us can game round the clock, and most of us are lucky to game once a week. So just knowing that gaming life goes on even when that is the case is important. It has been important to me anyway.

In my late night gaming ponderings there have been some progress made, I'm just now sure where or how it fits exactly with my blog. My blog has had two main foci: 1) a place to discuss my current games and the thoughts and experiences that arise because of them and 2) a philosophical stream of consciousness regarding the nature of old school gaming. Obviously the first is simply not happening as of now, and the second has seemed a little pointless when I'm not gaming. I have tried to shift the paradigm of the blog a couple of times, but it simply hasn't happened. Hasn't been able to sustain itself in my blogging efforts. Hopefully I can manage that with this next go 'round.

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