Monday, February 16, 2015

Some Changes

Just an FYI to explain some of my dust.

  • I'm removing the link list from the front page of the blog
  • Links will now be on the "Links" page
  • Adding new links and updating old ones
  • I will reorganize them as I go
  • Updates to the "Inspiration" page will also include links to items that inspire me, so you can be inspired too :-)
  • I'm trying to add some social media functionality with Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus--tho' I'm active on those sites I'm not sure the best way to add streamlined connections to other areas of social interaction.
  • I will also be posting again regularly. I have written several posts ahead, so when a day passes without time for me to post I'll have something to share. My goal is still one a day--but I rarely make that.
  • Stay tuned!