Monday, February 16, 2015

I Expected More

I love Goodman Games and own a dozen or so Dungeon Crawl Classics Adventures for d20 and the DCC RPG and about half a dozen adventures for DCC RPG. All are great. I mean not all of the DCC Adventures of old were stellar, but they all had the old school feel. I had already bought the Next core rule books when I bought these, and was hopeful Goodman Games would put their unique "spin" on some third party Next adventures. Unfortunately there is nothing special here. The price is not bad all told, since they are both relatively short--but neither is an experience worth writing home about. Now, as I often say, don't get me wrong ... They are playable adventures, and the vignette of a crawl they represent isn't reprehensible or anything. Their solid in that sense--and I shouldn't hold it against them that the works don't quite do it for me old school style as that likely has more to do with 5e than Goodman Game's dungeon design ability.

Would I but them again? Probably. But given the chance I would rather put my cash down for more DCC RPG adventures and hack them for AD&D.